EReuse Ltd. is a computer refurbishing and recycling company based in Wiri, Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand. Contact us if you would like to REUSE and RECYCLE. Our products include end of line equipment, second hand and imported surplus computers, laptops and accessories. We sell in bulk or retail, do equipment leasing and servicing as well.

Our supply come from reconditioning and upgrading local redundiated equipment, off lease from business and corporate environments, and imported surplus parts and whole items.

Our most important asset however, is our Service and Deployment Team. We deal with ageing and out of warranty computers but we are confident with the quality of the products that we sell because of the team's unique skill set. An example would be that we are able to repair equipment on the circuit board level. So every time you buy EReuse-SOS Computers, you will always get support until it is beyond repair.

Another special quality of our products is compliance to safety standards. Our inspection procedures follow the Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) 3760:2010 for electrical safety in resold appliances and other equipment.

One outstanding feature of our machines is that we can always pass it on to you with the latest and most popular updated and genuine operating system of the home, professional or ultimate types. We can even put open source operating systems so that you minimise costs on software licenses. With no huge mark-ups in price, we can install most genuine commercial software for design, graphics, office, accounting and others. We have access to licenses from legitimate international suppliers. However, we DO NOT SELL software and only install them on the machines we market. In terms of costs, EReuse will always adhere to fair pricing as it is one of our company values.

If you want us to supply you with machines only, we are flexible with this as well. We can do the operating system and software installations for you at a very minimal charge, even free if you order in bulk, you can do the activation if you prefer.

If there is a specific software or application you think you need on a second hand computer, give us a ring or flick us an email, see our CONTACT US page and we will respond to you as soon as we can.